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About Fix Auto

Fix Auto in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is operated by the Gulf Motor Company (GMC), a subsidiary of the United Motors Group (UMG). Our state-of-the-art facilities offer complete auto repair and maintenance services using advanced technologies.


Global Auto Repair Network

Established in 1992 in Canada, Fix Auto is the leading global auto repair shop network with locations in 10 countries and 5 continents. We have a reputation for providing quality automotive aftermarket solutions and reliable customer service. 

Reliable Vehicle Mechanic

Are you looking for a mechanic you can trust? Our certified auto technicians can tackle all vehicle repair issues. We’ll thoroughly diagnose your vehicle and recommend options to fix your vehicle and get you back on the road safely. 


    Looking for quality and reliable oil change and mechanical services? Contact Fix Auto to schedule an appointment 


    Service Bundles

    Our carefully crafted packages offer a comprehensive range of services combined to streamline your maintenance journey and save you money.

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    Extended Warranty

    Extended warranty includes mechanical and electrical faults. Like the factory warranty, with some exceptions.

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    Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning malfunctioned? Fix Auto can help with AC repairs.

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    Batteries & Electrical

    Our technicians can inspect and replace or fix your car’s battery, alternator, spark plugs, and other electrical components.

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    Brake Service

    Fix Auto Service knows brakes and can inspect and repair brakes on any make and model.

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    Engine & Transmission

    We can detect and repair engine and transmission problems early before they cause costly damage.

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    Routine Maintenance

    Routine vehicle maintenance can help diagnose issues early and prevent costly repairs later.

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    Vehicle Suspension

    Our service centers have diagnostic systems to inspect, repair and maintain your car’s suspension system.

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    Oil Change Service

    Regular oil, lube and filter changes are essential for the smooth operation of your car’s engine and parts.

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